Your Ideas in Your Voice


“But will it sound like I wrote it?”

How do I ensure that articles, books, and other materials I write for you “sound like” you?  How can I guarantee that I am believable when I am ghostwriting for you?

One of the first things I’ll ask you for is samples of written materials you’ve already created.  I’ll ask you to tell me about your favorite writing style and writer – whether it’s Peter Drucker, Seth Godin, or even Men’s Health or Working Mother. Who wrote it? What do you like so much about it?

You’re hiring me to write for you because you don’t have time and energy to do it or feel you can’t do it well.  You want my writing to sound professional and articulate, but it has to represent your own unique voice clearly and communicate your company’s value proposition as effectively as you do in person.

If you’re a good writer, I mimic your style and approach.  If you’re a less-than-stellar writer, I write like you…only better.

My most important job in the ghostwriting process is to tune into you and your organization so that I can customize my writing style to match yours. My ghostwriting shines when I can collaborate with you and your team, picking your brains for your best ideas and quizzing you about the concepts you’re most enthusiastic about.  I listen to how you speak, read what you’ve already written, observe how you interact with people at keynotes you give, programs you teach, and meetings you lead.

My final product is YOUR final product, in as close to your own words as possible.