Reading Print and Handwriting Make You Smarter

I just read something really interesting:  reading and writing by hand “light up” an area of the brain (Broca’s region) that facilitates understanding and communication. Apparently, we get more stimuli to more of our senses from reading and writing than we do from interacting with a keyboard and computer screen.  In particular, these stimuli activate Broca’s region, which is related to language production, but also language comprehension, action recognition and production, and speech-associated gestures.

So in an important meeting, take notes old-school:  with a pen or pencil on paper.  You won’t just remember the meeting better, you may be making yourself smarter and better at communicating overall!

One thought on “Reading Print and Handwriting Make You Smarter

  1. This is such a powerful point! When we are quiet, and rlaley take the time to see what our children are interested in, what we say can be so much more meaningful and salient. As a fellow speech language pathologist I see everyday how much impact this can have. It’s not as easy as it sounds, this waiting thing, but it’s worth the extra effort (or restraint!

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