Go-To Ghostwriting for Visionary Leaders and Experts

Writing has never been so easy… because this time, I’m doing it for you!

If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, speaker, or another expert with something to say, I will communicate your ideas in YOUR voice. The world needs to hear your message.


Corrie Lisk-Hurst, The Better Editor

Are You Making Progress?

  • You need to write that book.
  • You need to write articles.
  • You need to write blog posts.
  • The list goes on, doesn’t it?
Business today demands content, content, and more content. You’ve got to establish and hold onto your position as a thought leader in your industry. You know it’s important, but you haven’t been able to sit in front of the computer to put words on the page.
(And many of you have told me you’d rather face a hungry pack of wolves than write…right?)


Legendary sales coach Bill Brooks, author of more than a dozen books, said that I “brought order to chaos,” and asked for my help writing Playing Bigger Than You Are.


Leadership experts Gary Casselman, Ph.D., and Tim Daughtry, Ph.D., trusted me to edit their first book together, Executing Strategy.

It’s Simple

You can keep investing your time on the strategic initiatives you’re passionate about…or attending to the daily tactical matters that demand your attention.

I will do the writing that delivers your message to your audience—your ideas in your voice—making content generation easy and painless for you. And guess what? I love writing and editing. I get as excited about your ideas as you do, and it’s my passion to help you bring them to life.